Tony Blair Event Photography

On July the 27th, I had the good fortune to photograph an event put on by Zurich Financial Services whose guest speakers were former British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair and General Peter Cosgrove. Both inspirational men who have made their mark in history and contributed to making the world a better place.

Photographically it was a little tricky because the room was a warm ash colour dimly lit and therefore hard to bounce flash off. Discretion was required, but there was not enough ambient light to prevent image blur from movement. I resorted to using the little pop up card on my Canon 580EX Mk2 Speedlight which worked quite well.

When using flash however, it is difficult to be discreet, so the pressure was on to be quick and get the right expressions during Mr Blair and General Cosgrove’s discussions whilst trying not be intrusive. It must be uncomfortable trying to have a discussion or deliver a speech when a lens is pointed in one’s direction; so as an editorial and event photographer, I’m always mindful of this.

One of the reasons I enjoy event and editorial photography, is I get to listen to many interesting speakers which is always good for expanding one’s horizons.

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