Corporate Portrait

Boardroom Portrait

It’s unusual to have a request for a  Black and White Corporate Portrait these days, so it was great having the opportunity to do so.

Fortunately, I had a bit of time with the subject who is the President of a Melbourne based Golf Club and was able to find out about his interests and professional background which was extensive.

Whilst chatting, I was able to get some idea about his personality and how he perceives himself which is helpful. After all, this was going to be a framed print in the club’s boardroom for many years, not a PR image for promotional purposes.The requirement here was to convey something meaningful about the person behind the photograph and a Black & White image is a great way to display this.

Lighting as always, was paramount to create the “look” required so I used my trusty Bowens Pro-Light with a medium sized soft box. Fill was a reflector and the separation light was a little Morris “slave”- flash unit. Keep it simple but good.

I believe the end result has worked; we are looking at a man of achievement with a sense of warmth and humour behind the eyes. Or was he just bemused by the photographer?

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