Australian Nursing Federation Conference

A couple of months ago I photographed The Australian Nursing Federation’s annual EBA Conference at the The Melbourne Docklands.

The commission was to photograph the various speakers including the current Victorian Minister for Health, the Leader of the Opposition, various legal and insurance speakers and Federation dignitaries. Additional images required were audience participation, questions and any other aspects of the event.

The venue was large, painted black and presented a considerable technical challenge. Black simply “sucks” light. There was some ambient light coming through doors and windows and some interior lighting which enabled me to hand hold my camera on a slow shutter speed. Canon’s image stabiliser lens system was a welcome “friend” allowing me to move around discretely and capture moments as they occurred.

Some direct flash and the little bounce card on my 580EX2 Speedlite helped fill and illuminate where necessary.

I really enjoy these assignments, not only are they fun to photograph, but I get to hear interesting people presenting their views in an in-depth way which is not possible on radio or television.

I also get to meet some great people and realise more than before, just how much work and dedication nurses apply to their profession. It’s a nice thought, considering we will all need them at some point in our lives.

Oh, and the food served at lunch was yummy also : )

2 thoughts on “Australian Nursing Federation Conference

    • Thanks Irma, much appreciated.
      I don’t know about the rabbit and duck thing. It only happens through the Facebook and Twitter links. Must be some advert lead put there. If you go to my site and click on “blog” this doesn’t appear. It seems an unnecessary distraction.

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