Family portrait session

On the weekend, I had the privilege to photograph Julie and Cameron’s little family. I photographed their wedding in 2007, so it was an added pleasure to be able to catch up again. They now have a new house and a new son and are as happy as can be.

Julie and Cameron have achieved a lot professionally, but they wanted a very informal session which shows them as they are at home in a casual atmosphere. It’s a fine line between producing happy snaps and a professional result in such an environment so in a way, it was a tougher assignment than if it was a studio “shoot”.

Luckily, they were really co-operative and came up with great ideas of their own as well. By the time this image was done I’d photographed many variations and was still lying on my side after photographing their one year old son at “kiddie-level”. Lach ran back to Mum & Dad in front of their favourite and special tree and there was my image. Julie asked at the beginning of the session if the tree could be included.

It’s great to be able to fulfill one’s clients wishes and dreams.

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