Portait of a Retoucher

A friend and colleague, Peter King who many in the photography industry will know of, decided to have a portrait taken so he could put a name to his face on his website.

Peter is a no fuss kind of guy and was a little nervous in front of a camera lens. I took a series of basic head and shoulder images in my studio mainly going for expression. My lighting as always; was simple, consisting of a Key light, reflector and separation light behind him.

Afterwards, I passed on the files to Peter assuming he would be retouching them himself. In the meantime for a bit of fun, I had a play around and decided to create a montage of images showing the progression from the image taken originally, to a rather Corporate looking image as the end result. Who says there is truth in photography?

It’s playing around like this that can fine tune your skills for the next client.

The image below is the one Peter used for his site which interestingly, is one I sent to him after I had a “play” with it in PhotoShop.