Portrait with bounced light.

Those in the photography industry who know me, will be familiar with the fact that I often use bounced flash from the speedlight on my camera when photographing indoors. I have friends and colleagues who favour off-camera flash in various ways and although I also use these methods as well, circumstances don’t always allow for this. For example, when photographing Conferences, Corporate Training Sessions and some Private Functions such as the image displayed.

On this occasion which was a milestone birthday event, the area I used to take family portraits had limited space. The other factor is that at this venue, it would have been inappropriate to bring in additional lighting, assistants and stands.

With most of the family groupings, I used either bounced or direct flash depending on the group sizes. However, in the case of individual portraits such as the young girl in the image, I was able to mold the lighting by bouncing my speedlight directly off a close wall.

The distance between the flash head and wall determines the shape, size and contrast of the light on a subjects face. and many pleasing and professional results can be achieved using this method.

It surprises me how many fellow photographers don’t embrace this method of lighting as much as they could. After all, the result speaks for itself and no one was inconvenienced.

It’s taken me a few years to fine tune and predict my results, but give me a white wall and I’m a happy flash bouncer!