Kitchen Interior

This is an interior shot of another dwelling made and designed by Mavi Homes. It was a well designed, well made compact unit.

There was a great deal of bright light coming through the windows, so my solution on this occasion was to close the blinds. Because they are vertical blinds, doing so added an extra dimension to the overall look of the kitchen, enhancing the quality of design.

Another minor problem I encountered was the back of the kitchen area which was a little dark. I was able to rectify this issue by using one of my speed-lights as a “slave” tucked into the corner of the tall cupboard. This was triggered to go off by the speed-light on my camera, adding an effective element of illumination.

One of the many reasons I love photography is there are always new things to learn and different challenges to overcome. When photographing any form of architecture, maintaining vertical and horizontal lines is critical. It’s best to achieve this on the assignment, but sometimes due to even the best lenses, distortions can occur.

A colleague and friend informed me of a great software that can correct barrel distortion and other problems. This is called PTLens and has made a considerable difference. Thanks Darren!