I recently photographed a conference with a difference. This client is an insurance and finance company who like many companies, put on conferences and events to communicate directly with their customers.

I enjoy these assignments not only for the photographic challenges, but I find them informative and intellectually stimulating.

On this assignment at the Council Chambers in the Melbourne Town Hall, my client created a courtroom setting to show how various legal scenarios are dealt with. This was not only informative, but a really entertaining and creative way to keep their customers attention. All the “actors” were staff members, now that’s multitasking!

The image displayed, is actually a combination of 3 “stitched” images created to enhance the action on stage and the attentive audience by keeping the perspective close to reality. Using a wide angle lens would change the look considerably.

The stage was lit by spotlights and the room, by the natural light from the big windows. Because the room was quite dark, I used a tripod for some images to enable the low shutter speeds and smaller apertures required. Sometimes, I found it easier to rest my camera on one of the many shelves and pews available. Doing so, gave me better angles and were less intrusive than a clunky tripod.

Some additional work in Photoshop was required later, to lift some of the darker shadow areas.



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