Kitchen interior

An image from last week’s interior shoot.

I’ve noticed recently, that kitchens have become the main feature in a lot of contemporary home designs. This kitchen is quite a majestic example in a large family home.

Although the builder said the dwelling was “all cleaned up and ready for photography”, this wasn’t quite the case. There were tradespeople attending to last minute details before the owner moved in that evening. I figured if everyone else could do their designated jobs without interfering with each other, I could do the same and worked my way around everyone as well. All those years photographing weddings has taught me well.

On of the several interesting features in this home were the chocolate brown reflective tiles and cabinets which added rich textures and contrasted beautifully with the drawers, floors and walls.

Photographically this posed quite a challenge, because it was difficult for me and my umbrella light not to be in a refection. On occasion I just had to take the shot and remove my reflection from some of the  images later in Photoshop.

It was a fun shoot and quite different from some of the more sedate interior assignments I’ve had where I’m the only one present. One of the laconic tradesman noted my light umbrella and inquired if I was worried about leaks inside due to the heavy rain that morning. Naturally he was joking, this home was built to perfection!

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