Portrait of a Dentist

This is an image I took of my dentist, Adam for his website.

I photographed Adam in various poses and settings in his office and surgery, but this is my favourite because it’s from the patient’s perspective.

I’d spent a couple of days thinking about doing something different and the idea to photograph him from the dental chair came to me at 5am when I was in bed on the morning of the assignment……8.30am was the appointment time!

Adam had allocated a couple of hours for photography before seeing patients and this gave us time to relax, enjoy the session and try out various ideas. Even though I have a plan of what images I will be taking on an assignment, I always listen to any ideas my clients may have also. It creates a team environment.

When I arrived, I surveyed the surgery and noticed a TV which normally has cartoons for children to watch when having their teeth attended to. I figured it would look good to display a smiling face and teeth rather than just have a blank screen.

My lighting set up was a small light box and an umbrella fill powered by Canon 580EX speedlights. Nice and portable with no plugs and cables to trip over.

I entered this image in The Head On Portrait festival in Sydney where it was displayed at Centennial Park with other photographers images. It’s a lovely concept which enables the public to be exposed to professional, artistic and student photography.


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