I have the privilege to have as clients, certain medical organisations which train and support General Practitioners in Victoria. They organise seminars, training sessions, mentoring, support groups and conferences where various professionals can share and impart their experience and knowledge. On this occasion, an all-day conference was held at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne where  5 rooms were utilised for various training and discussion groups.

This image was taken of the scene in the largest room with all participants present during the Introduction to the day’s program. Part of the introductory address focused on encouraging GPs to remain in their chosen profession and to encourage some to transfer to rural areas, where they are much needed.

During the day, I alternated between the various rooms, photographing the speakers and participants. Each room presented different lighting challenges so I had to utilise a combination of bounced flash, diffused flash and ambient light. I use direct flash on camera as a last resort.

I really enjoy these events. Photographically they are challenging and I am also able to meet some delightful, interesting people. The food’s great too!¬† Which reminds me, I must do something about my waistline!