Display Home

Some of my clients are Builders and I photograph a variety of their completed renovations and new dwellings. I enjoy the pace of these assignments and the time available for photography. It enables me to try out new lighting products which not only improve my technical and creative skills, but also produces better images for my clients.

Most of the images I present are of the interiors, because the exteriors of these homes usually haven’t had any gardening done by the time the new owners take possession. The reason for this? Most owners want to DIY their own gardens.

Furthermore, images of the front of a dwelling with a muddy front yard don’t make for attractive displays.

On this occasion, the property was a quality display home in Taylors Hill by Fenhurst Homes which had furnishings inside and a garden outside. What joy!! A complete package to photograph!

The pressure was on with this assignment, because the client needed some of the images quickly for a promotion on the weekend. With most assignments this can be easily achievable, but with Architectural photography, there is considerable post production required to ensure all the verticals and horizontals are correct.

Suffice to say, it was all done in good time, resulting in a happy client.

Studio family photography

Normally I photograph families on location. This can be in their home, a park or even an urban setting. If there is a requirement for a studio style, I have a small set-up which accommodates about 3 adults.

On this occasion however, there were 5 adults and two youngsters. The weather was awful, my studio would be too small and the family’s home had visitors, so it was not a suitable venue.

I suggested we could use a local Commercial Advertising studio which has a Cyclorama because it would be spacious and a novel experience for their teenage children. There was a rental fee, but they were happy to deal with this and as a result, enjoyed a relaxed and altogether different experience to that of a normal Wedding Portrait studio.

The family came dressed in coordinated clothing and I photographed them in various groupings in these outfits. What I didn’t know, was they also bought along some bright beachwear for fun to “warm” up the winters day! The studio of course had changing rooms, which was another plus!

The beauty of working in this spacious environment, was the way the studio lights spread evenly, enabling me to capture those special candid moments. In this image, the brother and his little sister were having a dance while the others were organising themselves for the next session of photos. All I had to do was grab my camera and take the image!