Professional Image

In today’s competitive market place, it’s vital to present your business and yourself in the most professional way possible. On business websites and brochures, I see so many photographs of business owners, directors, managers and professionals that have obviously been taken by a friend, colleague or cheaper photographer. While the site
and brochure might outline professional services and displays products, sometimes it’s let down by the very average photograph of the person trying to present the business.

Research has shown, that even some users of Linkedin use a photograph which is the same as, or similar to the one they display on Face Book. Facebook is for engaging friends and family, but Linkedin is primarily to engage other professionals.

Recently a friend and colleague Bernie Griffiths – who owns the Australian School of Wedding and Portrait Photography and Gregorys Photography, asked me to take some photographs of him for his business and promotional use.

Sometimes a business can require a more formal or informal look, depending on the presentation required. For this photography session, he selected a variety of clothes, including a suit and tie and some more casual wear.  Bernie wanted a contemporary image so we decided a white background would work best. The main lighting was two Speedlights and the background was illuminated with a Morris “slave”.

It’s quite funny photographing another photographer, because we all do things differently.



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