Grand Entrance

This was taken on a recent property assignment: It’s the biggest dwelling I’ve ever photographed with plenty of large open areas and some “secret” ones. The owner’s kids are going to love growing up in this house!©BarryGittins_008

As always, great workmanship by my client Mavi Homes.

I recently downloaded an eBook by an American interior photography specialist because I didn’t want to produce the photography currently favoured by many real estate companies. I like the impact some of these images convey, but prefer the more elegant images displayed in some of the architectural and quality home magazines where the images look real with a touch of elegance.

With this in mind, it was a great opportunity to try out some of the techniques in the eBook. I find experimenting is always more fun on the job, rather than in a controlled environment.

This image utilised light coming from the entrance and 3 speedlights bounced into ceilings. One upstairs, one in the kitchen on the left and one in the room on the right.

I must admit that I was at first annoyed that I forgot to put on the fancy lights at the back of the stairway wall, but now believe they may have become a distraction. After all, the star of the show is the stairs and we don’t want any scene – stealers do we?

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