Holidays & Music

Here’s an image taken at Melbourne’s Prahran Market recently, featuring Alex Burns, Kain Borlase ( bass ) and friends playing Hawaiian-style music. It was taken to promote this particular combo.

Alex, who was the vocalist for the popular eighties rock-pop band “The Orphans”, has had a varied and interesting musical career.

After playing in various rock-blues bands, Alex embarked on a solo career performing acoustic blues, jazz and country with many notable musicians, including Nick Charles. Alex plays a variety of instruments such as steel-stringed acoustic guitar, National steel guitar, pedal steel ( as featured ), ukulele, and is one of Australia’s premier harmonica players. He’s also blessed with a great voice.


The jazz-blues combo featured in the second image is with fellow guitarist and performer Jen Hawley.

It’s fun doing these relaxed gigs because there is always time to both nail that special image¬† and enjoy listening to some great music.IMG_0021SF