Corporate portraits

A few weeks ago I photographed some finance executives on location in their city office. They wanted a change from using a neutral background and wanted a more environmental approach. I was elated because clients tend to request what they see and most of the “head-shot” displays I have on my website show a neutral background behind the subjects. It was a chance to do something different and challenging.

When I arrived, I soon discovered it was easier said than done. Offices are quite a cluttered environment with busy people at their desks or moving about. Fortunately there was a quiet clear space near the office windows which allowed me to set up with enough distance between the subjects and the background. This is essential in order to have the background out of focus so there are no visible distractions.

I set up a speedlight to bounce light into a white umbrella and a reflector close to the subjects for fill. I like the effect of soft boxes but they seem to take forever to set up.

After setting up, I needed some “fine tuning” to ensure my background was going to look like an office environment and yet not be a distraction. My contact agreed to be my “model” and here she is. Incidentally, I photographed her wedding a few years ago and it was a fabulous wedding day!¬† Even beautiful brides have day jobs.¬©BarryGittins_001