Opening of Training College

A couple of weeks ago, I photographed the opening of a new Apprentices Training College at The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre.

These assignments are not only an enjoyable photographic experience due to their varied lighting and logistical challenges, but also because of the interesting people present and the speeches delivered.

The opening of this Training College only became a reality thanks to additional funding by The Plumbing Trades Employees Union (PTEU) and the National Fire Industry Association (NFIA), because the funds originally promised by a Government establishment didn’t eventuate. ©BarryGittins_124

In this scene, the college is being declared open by William P Hite, President of the United Association,( USA ) which represents approximately 370,000 plumbers, pipe fitters, sprinkler fitters and service technicians in North America and Australia.

I wanted an image of Mr Hite to include members of the audience and also display the dramatic impact of the event. It was important to display the flags on the wall after their unveiling, an event which was a significant feature of the day.

The natural lighting was dull due to a cloudy Melbourne day, but there was enough filtering down from Sky-lights and some ( fortunately ) near-daylight balanced lamps to present enough illumination. I added a little flash with my trusty  on-camera Canon 580 EX2 speedlight bounced up and into its little flipper. I find this always adds a bit of sparkle.

After the opening, visitors and officials went to the new training college to meet some apprentices and see some of the equipment. This image shows Mr Hite from the USA with Earl Setches, Secretary of the Plumber’s Union, Carmel Coate, Executive Director of the NFIA, dignitaries and some very enthusiastic fans. ©BarryGittins_258

In all, a most enjoyable, informative and heart-warming day.